Value proposition

At BSTOR, we offer “Batteries as a Service” by developing, financing, building, owning and operating large-scale battery projects.

“As a Service”, means that:

We take care of all the design and project management aspects related to the project.

  • Battery projects remain highly complex both in terms of the asset itself (evolving and degradation sensitive technology, supply chain challenges, etc.) as well as the underlying of business model (volatile and stacked remuneration) and contractual structure.
    BSTOR’s team is fully dedicated to this technology and its economics and ensures that the projects are delivered “worry free” to the end-users by delivering optimal lifetime earnings versus lifetime costs of ownership.
  • We take care of the financing of the projects, so that with our end-users only paying a usage fee that corresponds to depending on the actual added value added.
    Our proven capability to structure these projects to attract debt financing and our clear mandate to invest patient capital in merchant projects, make us a real game changer in terms of project feasibility and the go-to battery project developer in Belgium.

Our clients include both the Balancing Responsible Parties and Balancing Service Providers, who can typically use these battery assets to optimise their portfolio, integrate more renewable energy into their mix and provide better services to their clients, and grid users which are typically end consumers or prosumers of grid electricity that are keen to increase their renewable energy ambitions and/or seek to valorise their grid access through a battery project.