Ackermans & van Haaren, SRIW and Bruno Vanderschueren merge their battery storage development related activities into BSTOR

Following years of fruitful collaboration and cooperation, Ackermans & Van Haaren, Bruno Vanderschueren and SRIW have decided to formalise and strengthen their partnership in the development of energy storage projects, by having SRIW Environnement entering into the share capital of Rent-a-Port Green NV.

To celebrate this renewed commitment to the partners’ joint development of storage projects, Rent-a-Port Green NV has been rebranded and shall as from now on known as BSTOR with headquarters now based in Brussels.

Cédric Legros (formerly Investment Manager at SRIW) and Pierre Bayart (former CEO of Rent-A-Port Green Energy) will lead the new vehicle as Managing Directors.

The ambition is to capitalise on the outstanding success of the development of ESTOR-LUX battery project in Bastogne, the first high voltage grid connected battery park in Belgium, to deliver a significant and front-running share of the battery storage capacity that will be needed in Belgium system to maintain an adequate and stable power system under the energy transition.

As a first step, BSTOR targets the development of a pipeline of a total 150 MW capacity to reach financial close by 2024 and operation by 2025.